Should I Participate In Nuffnang Ad Program?

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As we all know, Nuffnang is the leading site for Asian countries and in Malaysia itself, Nuffnang ads are viewed by at least 2 million Malaysian daily. For most of us, Nuffnang is in fact the new Google Adsense alternative competing with other advertisement programs such as Adbrite and Bidvertiser to name a few. I received many comments and questions from my followers which is should they join Nuffnang ad program? To be more specific, is Nuffnang ad program worth the time and effort?

I was lucky to be able to test run Nuffnang ad program on two of my sites and after sometime of testing, I have my own verdict. Let me explain to you that my observations might not as accurate as yours as we could be running different type of websites and even different keywords for example. This article is purely on assisting you to make a decision on Nuffnang.

Is Nuffnang ad program worth the time and effort? Will it increase my earnings?

My verdict on Nuffnang

I felt Nuffnang is great but if we are talking about is it worth our time and effort for it, I would say I have to admit Nuffnang is not worth our time and 'ad space'. The simple reason is because the ad rotation for Nuffnang is really limited. I felt that Nuffnang could do better but again, I could not blame them because they are running ads based highly targeting Asian countries. Unlike Google Adsense and others, Nuffnangs could not have the ad inventory to attract companies based out of Asian countries.

Again, this could be easily debated (even I myself debated on this) that since Nuffnang is running ads based on Asian countries, it is not fair to compare globally. Yes, it is indeed not fair but if you would think about it, our website, blog or even articles has the opportunity to show to other side of the world. If Nuffnang is just showing majority of ads for local companies, chances of clicking will be extremely minimal so to say.

Decision is in your hands

The decision to place Nuffnang ad program banners is truly depending on the nature of your site or blog. Not to forget, you have to take count of the number and location of visitors which are visiting from your site. Personally, I would prefer to place 'international' ads on my site compared to local ads as my readers are mainly from overseas. Therefore, the option to place Nuffnang ad banners lies in your hand and take your time to decide which is best for you and your website.

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