2 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips To Generate More Leads

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According to Statistic Brain, Twitter has over 645 million active users and the numbers are growing rapidly. At an average, 135,000 new accounts are created daily and the number of tweets are at 58 millions daily. Now that you know the power of Twitter, you ll learn 2 simple Twitter marketing tips that will guarantee generate more leads for you. For starters, I m a huge fan of Twitter and this is probably the best social media platform that generates more leads for me; approximately 15+ leads a day. I also got to stress that there are many Twitter marketing tips out there but not everyone of them will generate you tons of leads. In network marketing, lack of leads would mean failure in making more money online. Putting all the advantages that Twitter can provide, it can also backfire you in a huge way. If you are thinking of social media automation using Twitter, you are probably in for traffic but zero conversion. I love Buffer and I can t imagine my life without it. But when I crea