Life is always a roller coaster

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Ups and downs of life. That is something every one will experience throughout their lifetime. Have you ever wish you can have some time off from all the mishaps in your life? Maybe heading over to a nice cozy spot by the beach and escape from all the wilderness? I certainly do and I believe most of us too indeed!

At times, I felt that life been bad to me. Facing with many obstacles in life is understandable but I just don't get it why it have to happen to me that much. I know I have been donig many sins in the past but I am a changed man now. All I ever wanted is some peace of mind and a non hectic life for Christ sake!

I am not ranting but just wish I could have a much better day comapred to others. Like the old Malay saying 'jatuh ditimpa tangga' which means that right after you had tripped or fall, the ladder which is by the side dropped on your and increasing your misfortune.

Sometime I just wonder that what makes me going in this life is my family and love ones. Without them, I could had probably gave up and could even be a failure in life. I just hope that I could live a simple and happy life until the last day of my life along with them.

Just another Monday, isn't it?

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