Lesson Learned!

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Let me start off by saying thank you for reading this. This few months been very tough on me in both career and personal life. I have neglected most of my friends and family members too due to my schedule. Also, I was not able to spend evnough time writing!

I started my own blog at www.emptytalks.com and honestly, that was mind blowing experience. I learned HTML, codings and codex from scratch and most of them I have not even seen them before in my entire life. Many thanks to a few especially in Google+ that offered help especially Marina Etuci and Thomas Yuen. I can't imagine my website running without both of your advises. The fact that they helped me without asking anything in return touched my heart so much.

As my subcription for hosting with GoDaddy is closing in within 2 weeks, I really thought if I wanted to continue running my site. With all the work needed, I don't think I have enough time. With the addition of me not being such a 'techie', I believe sticking to my usual writing sites such as HubPages and Factoidz could be my best bet.

I often think the reason for me to write. I love writing but for me, earning money through it is just an added advantage. I don't really mind (hey, I do mind a little!) if I don't get those advertisement revenue from Google Adsense and such but I feel being able to help out others is great. Just lvoe the feeling where people drop you a comment saying thank you and well written just made my day so much.

Therefore, I decided to write in a free blog right here at Blogger and focus more attention to both HubPages and Factoidz. I know there are certainly more future in my writing and looking forward to get a bgiger audience.

Thank you for reading and certainly hope you will follow me (and my RSS) too!

1 comment

Anonymous November 24, 2012 at 2:36 PM

owh m flattered RC, but i just stumble upon ya old post here.. funny meh!
anyway good luck with ya studies~

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