Getting Quality Backlink Back To Your Website

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I always believe hardwork will pay off at the end. Same goes to backlinking as you can practise backlink methods a few months back before you are able to see the outcome of the backlink. In this case, you will be receiving a good link building between other sites and even a higher Page Rank.

To be honest, many people actually throw in the towel even before the results are out. I myself too felt down and tired (at times) when it comes to getting results back from backlinks. I couldn't say this enough but backlink is certainly a tedious task and would take up a lot of your time daily.

Let me share with you my experience that I encountered lately. I was doing backlink nonstop 7 days a week for about a month. I managed to get a mere 52 links throughout the internet and seriously, that isn't much to talk about really. 52 links compared to the time and effort spend is totally unacceptable. Yes, I was bold and thinking I could break record (that's a joke). I was hoping to hit Page Rank 3 as soon as possible.

I tried every backlink method I could from playing around with legal tools and focus on Google crawlers a lot. I read up nearly everything I could find and at the end, my website is still at Page Rank 0 with Alexa ranking of about 4.2 million. Thinking that is one hell of a task do perform, I decided to throw in the towel and thought I should just stick to writing websites instead.

On that day itself, my website hit Page Rank 1 and that hit me hard on the head. Why? I learned a valuable lesson here! To get quality backlinks need time, effort and on top of all, patience. It is always good to have a target but in order for us to achieve the target, we have to work real hard and devoted to it.

In backlink, there is no easy way out and certainly going through Black Hats will not solve your problem. What you need is practise and lots of link building between sites. We are all in the process of learning and thus, we need to ensure that we are on top of the game always. Remember that we are not only the one here. We are competing with tenth of thousands of websites trying to beat us even while we are sleeping.

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